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I help photographers make more money.

Hi, I'm Melissa and I help photographers make more money by creating a sustainable blueprint for success.

It is possible for you to have the dream business and life you want because I have been doing it myself for the last 25+ years. And I have been coaching photographers just like you that want dependable, consistent income with out the stress and overwhelm.

It is my mission to show you step by step how to create an abundant and inspired business that runs like a well oiled machine. This rewarding business can be created with strategy, principles and practices that consistently drive sales and create profit.  

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to help you be AS successful as YOU WANT TO be.

Are you winging it right now - making the business side of things up as you go along? Cobbling together pricing, policies and you don't have consistent messaging? No idea how much money you are really making? and even more importantly, you don't know how much money you are actually keeping? Are you ready to professionalize your photography business once and for all?

Together we will use the tools and resources to figure out where your business is now and where you want it to be. How to set up a business that will succeed. How to scale a business that will sustain you and the life you want. I promise that you are going to amaze yourself with the results you create. 

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Do you love the dopamine hit of trying something new or are you more a 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' kind of photography business owner?

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"Melissa's empathetic, yet honest approach is the perfect combination 

to leave you motivated and equipped with the tools to be a successful and happy business owner!

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and how avoiding them can help you create and sustain a more profitable photography business

Over the years, I have seen countless photographers wonder why their photography business wasn't as successful as they would like. Because I had made many of these mistakes along the way, I can now see what could have been done differently so clearly. If these photographers had known these 4 mistakes to avoid, working within and on their photo businesses certainly would have been less of a struggle. 

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"Melissa has been a multi passioned entrepreneur for close to 30 years. Getting her start in NYC, she has helped countless businesses in her career get off the ground, streamline and become profitable. 

Already involved in the operations side of Keith’s photography business, at 45 she followed her passion and went back to college to study photography. With Melissa joining the creative side of the business, the couple rebranded and became Keith & Melissa Photographers. She continued to grow their business by incorporating strategies that led to higher profits and long term growth. They designed a business that worked for their lifestyle. Most recently Melissa has graduated as a life coach, specializing in business.  She currently resides in Montpellier, France with Keith, her two teen daughters and her 4 rescue dogs.

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